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On the afternoon of December 22, Xinhua Qiang workshop was very busy. In order to welcome the winter solstice, the company carries out the activities of eating Tangyuan.
Eating Tangyuan is a popular folk eating habit. The company's administrative department bought Tangyuan with sesame filling and peanut filling and boiled it in a hot pot. Then they took Tangyuan and put it in a bowl. The employees held it up one after another, chatting, and some stood to eat to create a strong Festival atmosphere.
When the strong winter solstice of Xinhua comes, it's good for you to eat Tangyuan of the strong winter solstice of Xinhua. Xinhua Qiang wishes you a happy winter solstice. There are official records in the historical materials, which call it "Winter Solstice, the powder glutinous rice is the pill, the name is Tangyuan". After making Tangyuan, we should sacrifice gods to ancestors, and then eat Tangyuan together, which is called "Timing the Age". Therefore, the winter solstice eat dumplings, ancient and there. With everyone laughing and laughing, time slips away and ends unconsciously, but the happiness and happiness brought by this activity is filled with the bitter cold of this winter.

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