Annual Fire Safety Exercise of Xinhua Qiang in 2017

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In order to strengthen the safety work of "Xinhua Qiang", enhance the ability of "Xinhua Qiang" to prevent and rescue themselves, so that when a fire occurs, they can evacuate safely and quickly according to the fire escape route in an orderly and orderly manner, so as to ensure that no influential fire safety accidents occur. On December 24, 2017, how to dial 119, how to escape from fire, how to use fire fighting equipment correctly and how to give first aid on the spot were launched.

Escape from "fire" scene captain speech drill using fire fighting equipment to practise using fire fighting equipment administrative manager to practise how to practise on-site first aid and how to dress wounds at 16:00 p.m. "Xinhua Qiang" invited professional fire fighters in Xinhua Qiang playground for more than 100 employees on-site fire drill, from daily fire safety work to the use of fire fighting equipment. Law, one by one for you to explain and demonstrate. Under the leadership of the fire captain, all the employees have practiced dry powder fire extinguishers on the spot. During the practice, the professional firefighters instruct the employees to use the posture of fire extinguishers and how to give first aid on the spot. The training and drill lasted for one hour and thirty minutes, and they were successful. Through this fire drill, the fire awareness of enterprise staff was further strengthened, the feasibility and operability of the fire prevention plan was tested, and the correct use of fire extinguishing equipment and the rapid use of fire water bags, the ability of fighting initial fires, organizing evacuation of personnel, fire propaganda and training were familiarized. It has promoted the emergency command, coordination and disposal ability of the Office of Security, and it is believed that it has laid a solid foundation for efficient and orderly emergency work in the future.


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