Lysek Fully Automatic Hollow Line

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Good news
Xinhua Qiang has been taking customer satisfaction as its service purpose. In order to further shorten the supply cycle and meet customer needs to the maximum extent, the company constantly improves the process and adds new equipment. Recently, Xinhua Qiang's new masterpiece - - the introduction of a new generation of Lisaike fully automatic hollow line - - is today, the new equipment has been formally debugged successfully and will soon be put into production, serving a wide range of purposes. Big old and new customers.
The hollow line is 45 meters long, with a maximum processing range of 2.5m*3.5m and a minimum of 300 mm*180 mm. Its characteristics are: four-sided lines, on-line argon filling, automatic angle trimming after gluing, and processing of three-glass and two-cavity new composite glass. The average daily output can reach 800 square meters. The production line is composed of vertical cleaning machine, automatic laminating device, automatic aeration and automatic gluing machine. The equipment is fast, easy to operate and the quality of finished products is stable.

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